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To Know The Father Means Relationship

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The Purpose of Know The Script is to help specific, dedicated individuals focus on living a clean lifestyle for the sake of Yahuvah (the Father).  This requires a humble heart; one that is willing to accept obedience over rebellion.


This world is a theatre.  The theatre of the universe.   Before we were born, a script was written in which we are to learn and understand our roles.  And that means getting to know the director,  There are great parts for certain individuals to play, yet we must be diligent to knowing the script prior to the action.  Will we be ready when the cue (sign) comes?  Or will we be caught unaware?  Yah earnestly seeks a chosen group to be willing (and able) to provide their lines when the time calls for it.  This is such a time.

 The Purpose of this Offering

Jedihood (2016,2017)

We recently completed a four volume, 30 hour video series called Jedihood.  Follow along with two travelers as they connect the true Jedi (Jedidiah) with the scriptures.  You can look it up on YouTube or visited

eyeHear (2016)
The eyeHear project is a group of music poems concerning Biblical situations of trial and victory, stories which apply to today's current events.

Leviticus (2015)
The Leviticus Project starts off as a music album called Leviticus, concerning the shunned book of today. Unfolds a secret message within a chaotic world. Movements 1 through 7 included. One of a three album project.

Writings at WordSense

Thoughts are posted on concerning the signs of the times.

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Know The Script

Founded: 2016

Owner: Yahunatan

Offerings: Online Video Series and Lectures, Scriptural Teachings, Individual Spiritual Guidance, Electronic and Classical Music.

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