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Jedihood  (2016-2017, 30 Hour Video Series)

“How we cradle these fantastical depictions.  And through these images, we perceive an independent flesh… while ignoring the materials of wood and stone the crafters have molded.  For we are merely clay jars.  Pottery which truly hold no power of our own accord.  We either serve the wine of thanksgiving… or the bitter waters of deceit."


Let's Not Kid Ourselves,


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“Social media, with the overwhelming variety of tools available, has lead to less meaningful activity and unmindful relationships.  We do not realize we are being starved.  Knowledge is handed to us upon a silver platter, upon demand, while the journeyman’s work ethic lays bare. There is nothing to do… but stay put and take the global influence."


Online Discussion and its Future,


The Purpose of Know The Script

The purpose of Know The Script is to help provide healthy, spiritual nutrition to those willingly desiring scriptural answers within a humbled state of mind.

March 2015

Leviticus.  Today's shunned book...

June 2014

My best classical tracks within a decade.

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Under the artist name Yahunatan, Jonathan has created Electronic and Classical sounding music for over 12 years.  He considers them Music Poems.  Learn more about his original work.

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To Know The Father Means Relationship

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July 2016

The latest released album.  Great listen..

Classical and Electronic Music

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A voice of wisdom which often goes 'against the grain,' Jonathan has been writing lectures and posts since the late 1990's, originally going by the web alias Relan Volkum.  See what he says.

  • A refocus and re-dedication to righteous behavior and attitude
  • Confronting the ugliness inside us
  • Getting back to the primal roots of the original faith, as spoken of in scripture
  • Learning to trust in the source of life, the Father, Yah.

2/11/17 - We have just about completed a four volume, 30 hour video series called Jedihood.  Follow along with two travelers as they connect the true Jedi (Jedidiah, Judges) with the scriptures.  You can look it up on YouTube or visit Jedihood.com.

Also, Yahunatan.com now points to an independent website for music.  It will host more features than its previous host, such as better access to music, detailed descriptions, pictures, and more.